Champagne Edouard Brun & Cie

Nos Vignobles

Vignes avant la vendange

The house of Edouard Brun owns in excess of 8 hectares in the champagne region broadly located in the Montagne de Reims,in and around Ay and Mareuil,where the varietals of Chardonnay,Pinot noir and Meuinier are all represented.

In the Montagne de Reims,the vineyards are specifically situated in the communes of Chigny-Les -Roses,Ludes and Rilly,all villages classified as Premier crus in Champagnes unique classification.The familys vineyards around Ay are all rated Grands Crus and remain at the core of the business.

'The House' also buys in grapes from other well established producers.These are often well established contracts going back many years.This gives further access to 15 hectares of production,producing a further 200,000 bottles in the companys overall production. Our 50 year old wine press,totally renovated in 2001, will ensure future vintages the quiet serenity they deserve.

Les fruits du labeur